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Upcoming Public Hearings in Florence & Sumter

Night Hearing Testimony from Greenville, SC (3.14.19)
Fri, 03/29/2019

On Monday and Tuesday evening, the Public Service Commission will be hosting two public night hearings to review public input related to Docket Number 2018-318-E—Duke Energy Progress’s request for adjustments in electric rate schedules and tariffs and request for an accounting order--at 6 p.m. in Florence and Sumter. Monday’s public hearing will take place at the Florence County Council Chambers (180 North Irby Street, Florence, SC 29501) and Tuesday’s will take place at University of South Carolina—Sumter’s Nettles Auditorium (200 Miller Road, Sumter, SC 29150). All interested members of the public are invited to attend and share their thoughts regarding the merger with the Commissioners; everyone is afforded three minutes to speak before the Commission.

If you’ve never participated in a public night hearing, here’s what to expect:

You’ll sign in with PSC staff when you first enter: you’ll be asked to provide your name, your address for PSC records, and will then mark “YES” or “NO” next to your name. This yes-or-no will determine whether you want to speak before the Commission. If you do, mark “YES” and your name will be added to the speakers list, and will be called out during the hearing in the order you signed up. You’ll then approach the podium, be sworn in, and will have three minutes to share your comments and concerns with the Commissioners. Please note that, because the Commissioners are bound by the judicial code of conduct, they will not be able to answer questions, although they may wish to ask clarifying questions of you. Also note that you can change your mind at any time—if you marked “YES” and decide you do not wish to speak, or earlier speakers have covered your intended comments, you can elect not to speak. Please keep your comments to three minutes or less—there will be a timer visible to you during your testimony, and you’ll be notified by it when your three minutes have elapsed.

Explore the docket at this link—there, you’ll find timelines, all parties involved, and all documents critical to the case, from prefiled testimony to exhibits to legal documentation for all parties. The PSC’s Docket Management System is a powerful research tool, and you can receive text or email alerts whenever the case is updated by signing up through the DMS portal.

For more information, please follow the PSC on Twitter (@PSCofSC) or Facebook (Public Service Commission of South Carolina) or the SC Utility Consumer profile on Twitter (@UtilityConsumer) or Facebook (SC Utility Consumer).