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Transportation Applications

Pending Transportation Motor Carrier Applications:

Company Name    Class   Date Filed       Docket       Number   

   Deadline for Protest 
(14 Days After Posting) 

Last Day of Posting
(15 Days After Receipt)
Shuttle Myrtle Beach LLC Taxi 8/8/2022 2022-257-T 8/22/2022 8/23/2022  
Bright Lite Ride Along Charter 8/10/2022 2022-260-T 8/24/2022 8/25/2022  
Theouplous Ferguson Taxi 8/11/2022 2022-261-T 8/25/2022 8/26/2022  
Russell Craig d/b/a The Trip's Taxi      Taxi 8/11/2022 2022-262-T 8/25/2022 8/26/2022  
Destiny Transport, LLC Non-Emergency 8/11/2022 2022-263-T 8/25/2022 8/26/2022  
Moree Transport, LLC Non-Emergency 8/11/2022 2022-264-T 8/26/2022 8/27/2022  
Care4You Transportation LLC Non-Emergency 8/12/2022 2022-265-T 8/26/2022 8/29/2022  
Palm Pick Up Shuttle Service, LLC Charter 8/16/2022 2022-267-T 8/30/2022 8/31/2022  

*HHG signifies "carriers of household goods" and HAZ signifies "carriers of hazardous waste for disposal"

Archive of past applications and amendments filed with the Commission.